SF MOMA: Henri Cartier-Bresson

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I had the chance to visit the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art and was very excited of the fact that Henri Cartier-Bresson‘s exhibition was up. I’ve read about him, looked at his work numerous times during photo lecture, so I was very ecstatic to see his work in person.

There are more than 300 photographs that spread out the entire floor that enfolds this French photographer’s career but also the history of modern photography. He photographed all around the world as he worked for LIFE magazine and he took pictures that teaches us cultural and historical lesson.

The exhibition is separated in 13 sections that flows chronologically.

This photograph being shown in the first section, it reminded me of the time when Jim Hajicek was talking about the decisive moment in the photo I lecture.

Later on in his life, Cartier-Bresson did not consider his photographs as art for a gallery. He meant for his work to be mass published and for practical use. He documented the Soviet Union, the Great Leap Forward in China, and this gave America a view that has never seen before.

I was overwhelmed with the hundreds of prints that was framed on the wall. I was getting goosebumps from taking it all in. I definitely recommend seeing his work at least once in your life.


Barro’s Pizza.

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I work at Barro’s Pizza on the southwest corner of Mill Ave. & Baseline Rd. I’ve been working here since April of 2009. I’ve worked at Barro’s on 32nd & Chandler when I was in high school but I only worked there for less than a year. I am here 5 days out of the week. Work about 65~70 hours within 2 weeks so basically I’m there a lot. I like working here because I don’t have to worry about work once I clock out, it’s an easy job, alright pay, and people that I work with are pretty interesting. I see hobos everyday digging through our dumpster finding pizza crusts or half eaten chicken wings. I’ve seen a guy get tasered by a whole bunch of officers looking like an episode from COPS. A lot of drunk people stumble into our store as they drink all day at the Woodshed across from us. I’ve seen people shooting in our little plaza. So I gotta say, there’s never a dull moment here at Mill & Baseline.

So since I’m here all the time and never really have the time to go shoot like I used to, I figured I’ll take pictures here. I hope I can capture things that I never noticed while I’m working by looking through my viewfinder.

Cat in a Hat: Whiskers.

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I was into volunteering back when I was in middle school & high school. I did tutoring for other students and helped out at the library but I never really loved it. I didn’t feel like I was helping out much. Then I thought, I like animals, I’ll look into helping out animals! I’ve never really had an encounter with cats before I got into this program called Valley Cats. It was an adoption & foster program for strays & abandoned cats. That’s where I met Whiskers.

Before I met him, he had to have hip surgery and was admitted into an animal hospital. Same with humans, hospital bills can go up pretty high and not many animals are insured. So his prior owner saw the overpriced bill, and then never picked him up after he got his hip fixed. Whiskers was left all alone and then Valley Cats welcomed him. Since he was still recovering from his surgery, he couldn’t be adopted right away. That’s where I came in :)

I became a foster parent for poor lil Whisk and took care of him. When he was all healed up, I took him to the adoption center every single week so he could find him a new home. He was very friendly but didn’t like crowds of people or other cats which made it hard for potential adopters to get to know him. After the 4th month of going back and forth to the adoption center, I finally gave in and decided to adopt him myself.

He likes to play dress up a lot, as you can see it in this picture.


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My Short Term Goals:
1. Graduate Arizona State University with a BFA in Photography.
2. Find an internship at a respectable company.
3. Have my own exhibition at a local gallery.
4. Get back in to Fashion Week.

Long Term Goals:
1. Move to the East Coast or go back to Japan.
2. Work at a major advertisement agency in Japan.
3. Work as an assistant under a well known photographer.
4. Travel the world to see different cultures.
5. Publish a book.


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I didn’t understand what the word meant so I had to look it up in the dictionary.

contrived [kənˈtraɪvd]
obviously planned, artificial, or lacking in spontaneity; forced; unnatural

Okay, so basically half of the fashion world is contrived.
All the photoshop, the make up, the clothes transforms those models into something totally different. Kind of like this that I came across on my favorite gossip site, Mediatakeout.com.


Big booty doesn’t mean beauty, in my eyes at least.


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John Legend and The Roots released a collaborative album called Wake Up! with 11 covers of tunes of 1960’s and 1970’s. They were inspired by the 2008 United States Presidential Election and “wanted to do something musically that reflected that moment”, says Legend. The songs are about social awareness, engagement, and consciousness and it applied to it back in the 1960’s during the civil rights movement and it also still applies today.

The songs on the album include “Wholy Holy” by Marvin Gaye, “Little Ghetto Boy” by Donny Hathaway, and “Hard Times” by Baby Huey & The Babysitters. Not very popular songs so why cover it? Questlove from the Roots said in an interview “I wanted to choose cover songs that were so under the radar, so uniquely interpreted, that it would take you a decode to realize that these are cover songs”.

John Legend was ASU’s guest speaker for Black History Month and spoke about how we need to “wake up!” and make the change. There are so many people who look the other way when there are children suffering or communities starving. Legend was telling us to reinvent ourselves to make the world a better place.


tweet him at @JohnLegend


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