San Fransisco Trip: Pictures

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I never got the chance to post this so I’m doing it now!

I went to San Fransisco during winter break and my friend Morgan showed me around the city. It was super fun.



SMOCA: Dance With Camera

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I recently visited Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts to view the collaborative exhibition called Dance With Camera. Having a close relationship with my camera and my love for dancing in front of a mirror when no ones watching, I thought I’ll be able to relate to this show. However, I felt like a fish out of water. As I walked into the exhibition, I hear tribal drum beats with the lights real low. There’s a flat screen TV hanging on the wall and there is a Caucasian woman dancing like an animal. I watched the clip for a good 15 minutes but I had no idea what this was about. The title of this work was Adaptive Lines, 2007, by Flora Wiegmann. The dancer was moving out of her body by a freeway overpass. And even though it was by a freeway, the atmosphere felt very nature-y.  The dancer “adapted” and restructured to each of her colleagues’ decision: to the soundtrack, the location, the costume, and direction.

Tarantism,2007, by Joachim Koester was something that I thought was very interesting. First seeing this short film, I thought, why is everyone having a seizure? A group of people were moving frantically with no music or sound, as if they were possessed. After reading the descriptive, I learned that the artist had an interest in a condition found in Southern Italy that results from a spider bite from a tarantula. People who were bitten were to get compulsive seizures from the venom of the spiders and the only way for a cure was to dance it off. Koester’s interest in this condition is tied to the notion of uncontrolled, unorganized movement. Very interesting, I must say.

Bruce Conner, Breakaway, 1966 was the one that I was attracted to the most in this exhibition. This film features Toni Basil’s dancing to her music. I really liked the lyrics of the song, “I’m gonna break away from all the chains that bind, and everyday I’ll wear what I want and do what suits me fine”. She is leaping freely, and then through out the film, she is completely naked. This resembled a music video and I felt like I understood it more than the other films shown in this exhibition.

This exhibition is showing until May 1. Go check it out.

Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium

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I worked 10 days straight and didn’t really have a spring break so I decided to take the whole Sunday off and planned a trip to the zoo with my boyfriend. We’ve been watching a lot of Animal Planet over the last few months. My favorite would be “Fatal Attractions” where these crazy mofos get tigers or alligator for pets and they’re like “My tiger loves me!” and it bites its arm off or kills them.
Anyways, I really wanted to see exotic animals so we went to the Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium. I was really surprised of how close you can get to those critters. You can literally jump the tiny fences and hug a rhino or a zebra. I was really tempted.

The Baby Animal Nursery was the cutest thing ever. Look at the newborn baby tortoises :)

These baby wart hogs are just a day old. Cute lil’ Pumbas!

Most of the Jaguars and Tigers were sleeping. This one guy was poking this jaguar with a rolled up paper. I was hoping this pussy cat will wake up and bite his arm off. haha.

I guess cockroaches can live for a week without its head. The only reason they die is because it won’t have a mouth to drink water.

This giant iguana was super chill.

I’ll finish this post later. I’m going to bed.

Fukushima 50: Hero of Japan

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Fukushima 50 is a group of employees of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant who helped evaculate 750 workers during the fire in unit 4 on March 15, 2011, the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan. They are currently risking their lives to prevent the meltdown of the nuclear power plant.

Emergency nuclear scenarios suggest asking older retirees to volunteer, not because they’re more expendable, or even because they’re more skilled, but because even if they’re exposed to massive amounts of radiation, history has shown they would die of old age before they die of radiation induced cancers, which can take decades to develop.


There’s still ways to help Japan.

What can you do?

Spanish -> Japanese songs

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So sometimes artists translate the lyrics to make the same song in a different language. Like Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias… It’s never quite as good as the original but it’s okay. So I’ve come across Japanese songs that was based off of Spanish songs and laughed. And the translation is funny too.

Japanese version of Livin’ La Vida Loca

Japanese Version of Bailamos

Pray for Japan

March 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

My fantasy day would be helping out Japan.

There’s so many ways to help Japan right now.

And the easiest way that we can do is to donate.

It’s very simple, just text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.

It’s just $10, guys. And that can make a difference by providing people that has been affected by the earthquake and tsunami with food and shelter.

I was looking through all the status on Facebook and it really made me sad that many people that I know don’t even know or care about what’s happening in Japan. Or the ones that pissed me off the most are the IGNORANT people who are saying “remember pearl harbor”. LIKE, REALLY!? I was DISGUSTED by this and it really made me sick to my stomach that they’re saying shit that they don’t even have knowledge of. FIRST OF ALL, don’t think you know what happened just because you watched the movie with Ben Affleck in it. That’s not an accurate depiction of what happened, its a love story. If you wanna say Pearl Harbor, then HELLOOOO REMEMBER HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI? But anyways, I’m not trying to blame anyone or talk about this history thing. It’s about the damage that has affected the lives of people who live in Japan and all the homes that got washed away by the tsunami and the family members that they are still trying to find.

Okay, I’m going a little off-topic. But I just needed to let it all out.

I feel terrible that I’m here in Arizona and can’t do anything to help out my families in Japan right now. But what I can do here is to donate. Donate donate donate. So we can send help to them.

So people, please. Pray for Japan and help them out.

Alejate de Mi & Mientes – Camila

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There’s something about Spanish music that’s so romantic and sexy.

I’ve always liked listening to Spanish songs, like Shakira or Selena when I was learning Spanish back in middle school. I didn’t really understand what they were singing about but it just sounds so good. I learned English by listening to songs so maybe I’ll be able to understand Spanish by listening more.

So lately, I’ve been listening to 100.3 La Kalle, which is a Latin radio station. I’ve had enough of the over-saturated pop songs on 104.7 or 101.5. Hey, I love Lady GaGa or Bruno Mars but if it’s playing every 10 minutes, my ears starts to hurt. Anyways, after listening to 100.3, I discovered this band called Camila. Their ballads have so much emotions in it, and even though I don’t understand what they’re really saying, I can feel it, if that makes any sense.


Their song, Mientes, won Best Recording and Song of the Year at the Latin Grammy Awards. And their album, Dejarte de Amar won Best Album by a Group or a Duo.

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