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This is my first time using a View Camera. I was pretty nervous even setting the camera up because it was wobbly and fragile. The fact that I did all that in this 110 degree heat of Arizona didn’t make it any easier. I developed these pictures today and scanned them. The negatives were a little scratched and I got dust on them so I spent probably around 3 hours staring at a computer screen retouching these two negatives. Oh film photography and Photoshop, how I missed you so.


This is Tony. I’ve known him ever since I started working at Barro’s, so for about 2 or 3 years now. He’s very chill and funny, and he walks with a swag that I like to impersonate from time to time. When I got the assignment of portraits for class, I knew I wanted to use Tony as a model because he has a good face, especially his eyes. I hope to photograph him again.

Tony also does music, goes by the name of Ronin.

Check out his page. Click here!



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I’m so happy I have a friend like her.
I love you Valerie.

Ishinomaki Photographs

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I know it’s been like 2 months but I finally got my computer fixed and I can upload the pictures from my volunteering experience in Ishinomaki. I put all these up on Facebook already but for those who haven’t seen it, please take a look :)

When school starts, I might scan all the film that I shot there. I guess we’ll see.

Photographs from Japan

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