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He’s been my boss at Barro’s for 3 years. I’m not gonna lie, he used to scare the living crap out of me (I guess he still does). He has a really good poker face so it’s hard to tell if he’s serious or not. Whenever I ask him for his permission for a break at work, he always tells me no and being the gullible person that I am, I always believe him (EVERYTIME). But then he gives me a big smile and tells me he’s kidding.

I used to think he was just this scary person, but over the few years I’ve known him, I realized he’s a nice guy. He is very understanding when it comes to school and gives me the schedule I can handle throughout the school year. And deals with me when I take 6 weeks off every year when I go to Japan. Trust me, no other job will let me do that and let me have the same schedule back.

He was my first subject for the view camera and I was just nervous handling the camera. It was funny how he knew more about setting it up than I did. In the picture above, you can kiiinda see a smile in there :)


View Camera

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So for those who don’t know what a view camera is, there ya go.

Why yes, I am photographing a strangely real looking chimp that my boyfriend gave me.

You look under a cloth to see the image. It’s pretty cool when you get it focused, everything is flipped and it looks crisp.

Thanks Dad for helping me today.


Check out the view camera pictures. Tony, Dad, Nick.


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Finally went over 3000 views! Kinda exciting and thank you for those checking out my blog and my photographs. Love you all!!


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Everyone knows my dad is hilarious.
So since I needed more models to test out the view camera, I asked my dad. He came home from work on his lunch break to do a little photoshoot. I could tell he was excited to spend time with me since we haven’t really seen each other since school started. We have totally opposite schedules. Anyways, so he came home, put a button up shirt and a tie on, and put some funky glasses on and played the conga drums.
It was fun to take his pictures.

I under exposed and had my focus on the couch rather than him so I need to reshoot sometime soon. But I’m pretty happy with the picture above. Its interesting.

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